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Welcome to the home of sci-fi author A B Potts.

With a misspent childhood daydreaming in worlds inspired by  Jules Verne, Gene Roddenberry and Ian Fleming, further fuelled by TV programmes like  Doctor Who, The Professionals, The Man from UNCLE and Tomorrow’s World, it is to be expected that the books of A B Potts would imaginative and  futuristic, and with a hint of humour.

"At school, whilst others were listening to the cold, hard facts of the French Revolution, I was running amuck through the streets of France with the Scarlet Pimpernel saving the Dauphin from the evil clutches of ‘Les Citoyens’.  Nowadays, I continue to daydream of intergalactic fire fights and car chases though the Stelvio Pass with various baddies attempting to machine gun me into oblivion ..."

On a more serious note, though, who is A B Potts?

By day ...

By night ...

 At the weekends ...

... A.B. Potts is a humble bookkeeper.
... A.B. writes, creating the adventures of Kylem Fourteen and Jenny Terran to name but two. With a number of  works in progress A.B. will be bringing us new worlds to explore, the current project being THE LAST ARCADIAN, Book 3 in the Espion series.
... A.B. is especially keen to promote science fiction.

"It is often very misunderstood; it's just a story set in a time or place with which we are unfamiliar; and much science fiction is already science fact: aeroplanes, television, mobile telephones, medical scanners (MRI), dermal regenerators, even transparent aluminium are already here."